Singer, Composer & Songwriter.

Omkar was born gifted with a sense of music and he started performing live on stage at an early age of 6. His roots lie in Hindustani Classical vocals which he started learning when he was 8 years old. As a child, he bagged several awards in various classical, semi classical, instrumental and open competitions. In the coming years, he widened his skill set and gained extensive knowledge in music. Omkar is now a Singer, Composer & Songwriter who blends Indian Pop-Rock, Indian Classical, Folk & Western Contemporary Styles in his singing with his unique high-pitched voice and natural soft husky texture experimenting melodious accent of thoughts which also reflects in his writing. He loves to experiment with his favorite instrument Harmonium in both Indian & Western styles He later went on to form HarmoNoNium, a group of musicians regardless of any genre, driven by lyrics, reflecting peaceful and spoken word music without any boundaries. The breakdown ‘Harmos’ & ‘No Nium’ itself defines our music with peace and harmony without any rules.


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