Singer - Songwriter, Artist.

Even the child in her knew her calling and thus, Donna has been writing and composing music since she was 9 years old. She quickly became a child prodigy and went on to win several visual and performance arts competitions in her teenage years. She is an extremely skilled artist who is trained in Classical Piano and Operatic Vocal Technique. She brings to the stage, a fun and vivacious act of Dance Music. With an insatiable interest in melodies and songwriting, sky is the limit for her. A rocky beginning in life made Donna realize the power of faith and acceptance. So, she strives to inspire and empower all those who have trouble accepting themselves. She writes music to create a connection with her listeners and create something they can relate to. Being a globe trotter, donna enjoys literature and has profound love for animals. She firmly believes that her heart lies on the World Stage surmounting boundaries of race and religion. She is an empath, who fearlessly aspires to infect the world with happiness and love through her music.


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